Dynamic class method invocation in Dart

Like the question at Dynamic class method invocation in PHP I want to do this in Dart.

var = "name";
page.${var} = value;

Is that possible?

Solution to answer:

There are several things you can achieve with Mirrors.

Here's an example how to set values of classes and how to call methods dynamically:

import 'dart:mirrors';

class Page {
  var name;

  method() {

void main() {
  var page = new Page();

  var im = reflect(page);

  // Set values.
  im.setField("name", "some value").then((temp) => print(page.name));

  // Call methods.
  im.invoke("method", []);

In case you wonder, im is an InstanceMirror, which basically reflects the page instance.

There is also another question: Is there a way to dynamically call a method or set an instance variable in a class in Dart?