Flutter String to Icon value

how to convert String value to Icons value in Flutter,
i'm getting Icon value from json as a String.

I got following error when i'm tried to Use that value

error: The argument type 'String' can't be assigned to the parameter type 'IconData'. (argument_type_not_assignable at [hippo] lib\screens\dynamic_list.dart:71)
  "page": 1,
  "MenuItems": [
      "id": 419701,
      "icon": "MdiIcons.account",
      "name": "account"
      "id": 419702,
      "icon": "MdiIcons.currencyUsd",
      "name": "Funds"
      "id": 419703,
      "icon": "MdiIcons.home",
      "name": "home"

Solution to answer:

one way is that you can generate images to font icon (Generate to font). save ttf file in assets. pass unicode data to json (like "e90a").

for example:

    fontFamily: 'family name given in the link above'));