SubWCRev exited with code 9009

Error 50 The command "SubWCRev "C:\Users\texasman\Desktop\flash\FD\"
exited with code 9009. FlashDevelop

I get that error trying to build flashdevelop's latest trunk. I was interested in using the program for developing some flash for my website. but everything I do I can't build it cause of that error.

I have tried vs 2008 which is the prescribed version and I just tried it with vs 2010.

I am using tortoisesvn to pull it down. and on win 7.

 AssemblyInfo.cs.rev - exists in the folder.
 AssemblyInfo.cs     - does not exist in the folder.

I have searched all over the place for a solution to this that I can use and\or understand.

It is the first time I have had an issue like this using svn, but I must add that I have never used svn before actively. I have downloaded programs via svn, but never had any issues.

whats up and how do I fix it?

Solution to answer:

ok, what i did to fix this particular error is i added the system varibale "%FILE_DEBUG%" to the system environment varibales to the correct path to SubWCRev.exe.

for whatever reason, tortoiseSVN did not add that during install.

so if anyone else is having a similar issue such as this, check that first.

the typical place to check is right click my computer and select properties. on the first tab there will be a button for environment variables. add a new one to the lower list just in case you use multiple accounts. add var name %FILE_DEBUG% and full path to c:\full\path\to\SubWCRev.exe.

thx for the help and i hope this helps others. :)